Saturday, June 29, 2013

summer outfit

 No. 1 Le Jus

shirt: BCBG, skirt: Leifsdottir, shoes: Joy Chen, Bag: YSL (or SL)

No. 1 Le Jus is a new place in Highland Park Village that serves Bluebottle Coffee. I love bluebottle from my trip to San Francisco, so I was ecstatic that it's wiggled its way down to Dallas. It's a cool place, but honestly, it doesn't come close to Bluebottle Coffee Shop. 

I'm so glad summer is here. In Dallas, the temp really raises, but I can't complain. IT IS BETTER THAN WINTER. For the next few months, I'm all about bright colors, mixing prints, and short skirts/shorts. Let's hope that carries into fall...fingers crossed!

Thursday, June 27, 2013


A night-time walk inspired me to pay more attention to shadows. The different dimensions that light can add to our world are incredible. "Things" can be larger or smaller or accented or hidden etc, and as the day leaves and night arrives, I want to make sure to pay attention to the story that night has to tell. I think night is often overlooked, but like day, it too holds refreshment and mystique. Let us not forget that night is worthy of a nice "ooh and aah" and "how lovely" more often than not. 

Tuesday, June 25, 2013


shirt: Paris vintage, jeans: J Brand, shoes: Gucci

Every now and then I wish I had lived in the seventies. The clothes and the hair. Perfection.

 These J Brand bellbottoms would be an every day option for me if they didn't make me feel quite SO 70's. They're so costume-y that I feel a little ridiculous, but I love them. I find that I'm always drawn to anything 70's retro-looking...and I'm a sucker for the music, too. I went through a big Cat Stevens phase in college. I can't help but love this song forever. 

Sunday, June 23, 2013

day after summer solstice



legal grounds oatmeal. granola and fruit. coffee.

 wind-tossed flowers at white rock

 wind-tossed flowers at white rock

 wind-tossed flowers at white rock

 desert inspired flora & fauna

 shirt: madewell, skirt: laundry, shoes: ferragamo

  shirt: madewell, skirt: laundry, shoes: ferragamo

vintage ferragamos with matching Bundle

This past saturday was the nicest I've had in awhile.  My internship teamed up with school this last week to make my life a living nightmare (Disclaimer: I love my internship, just not doing both at one time). Brad and I decided to "rest" on Saturday, which comes much harder for us than I would expect. But we did it. Lazy breakfast at a favorite spot in Lakewood (Legal Grounds), a painting find at the oddities store next door (Curiosities), an hour spent digging through books at Half Price (no romance novels this time), and Vitamin D time at White Rock Lake. White Rock was brimming with activity and summer-loving people, and in a country overwrought with sedentary lifestyles, it was a happy sight to see. It was also windy, which makes my day any time and every time.

We later grabbed a drink and banana pudding at the Front Room in the Lumen. I wore a thrifted white, leather Laundry miniskirt and my vintage Ferragamos, topped off with a starry night shirt from Madewell. A breezy and cool summer evening outfit. 

Wednesday, June 19, 2013

palomino happy hour

Mirror shot

dress: LaRok, shoes: miumiu


watching the NBA finals

The Crescent

The Crescent

Man carries purse
purse: YSL

The happy hour menu at Palomino is one of our favorite, go-to's. Relatively cheap, relatively healthy. Relatively.

 I threw on a pucci-looking La Rok dress and my square-toed miu miu mary janes. My favorite thing about the La Rok dress, besides the electric colors and sack-like shape contradicted by a ruffled hem, is the even more contradictory hood. I throw that hood on, and Brad laughs at me every time.

The fountain and patterns and detailed railings of the Crescent are a treat for us to enjoy. Especially after long days at work. Hallelujah for peaceful patios.

Tuesday, June 18, 2013


my portrait of a liver lobule that reminds me all too much of dinosaur scales.

wearing my new favorite shoes to class
top: eryn brinie, jeans: madewell, shoes: nike dunk wedge

i seriously try and wear these shoes as often as i can...
 i contemplated wearing them to a wedding this weekend.

fireballs in water.
(...or lights in a fountain)

Yesterday I spent about six hours trapped inside a classroom listening to lectures about the liver. It's a fascinating organ, but I never anticipated I'd hear that much about the liver in one short day. We were asked to copy a sketch of a liver lobule...all I could think was DINOSAUR.

Later last night, Brad and I went on a walk. I pass this fountain all the time, but stopped for a second to notice it's fireball-resting-in-the-water effect. I wanted to reach into the water and pluck one out. But I didn't.

Sunday, June 16, 2013

the beginning

I have finally decided to start a blog. Brad and I are engaged, five months away from marriage, and the time seems fitting. At this point, I'm planning to use this blogspot space as a blank canvas to recount the tiny details in my life that make it into something extra ordinary. My life is by no means anything special, but I think because of Brad, I have been more able to value the almost unnoticeable details that are always spinning around me.

I'm an independent human, and I pride myself, perhaps too much, on enjoying life in singleness. I don't want to imply that meeting a significant other is the only avenue to happiness and fulfillment and whatever "good" feelings significant others can bring. That's certainly not true. But because Brad and I fit so well together, and he encourages me to be who I am to the fullest extent, I've noticed that "things" around me are a bit brighter. They somehow have more meaning. I'm not exactly sure why, but I do know that I am thankful for seeing more of the vividness of life that I can sometimes let pass me by.

As I've gotten older, my memory seems to fade a bit more easily. I want to be able to remember the little things that participated in my days that have passed, and I want to focus on the sweet gifts from our God. Words and pictures and stories help me to recall. Thus the beginning of this very blank blog, that along with Brad, will hopefully help me to view my world as a bit brighter.

Here are some favorite moments from this weekend:

first snoball of the summer--Pete's Snoballs.

father's day brunch with focaccia and olive oil drenched balsamic

celebrating at a beautiful wedding

tiny crawfish