Saturday, February 22, 2014

fiesta party

dress: Issa for Banana Republic, shoes: Sigerson Morison

We had the most wonderful time at our couples fiesta party! It was such a great celebration and really set the tone for those last few weeks leading up to the wedding, of which I am thankful for. We are so grateful for our friends and family, and I love having pictures to remember everything by. Such a splendid night!

Saturday, February 15, 2014

winter florals

turtleneck: banana republic, sweater: cynthia steffe; skirt: anthropologie, loafers: ferragamo

I love this sweater and the bulky structure it creates. It instantly makes any outfit a little weird/more interesting, and I feel like a big newfoundland when I wear it. Not that feeling like a newfoundland is something I generally long for, but it is nice to feel shaggy and cozy, I guess. I added my beloved Ferragamo loafers to the mix to take away from the sweetness of the skirt. I swear they go with anything! (in my opinion)

Tuesday, February 11, 2014

new york trip

Brad and I celebrated Christmas with my family this year, and I was so happy we did because we had a New York Christmas--complete with the biting winter cold, a trip to Rockefeller Plaza, unbearable crowds…and then...all the good stuff! It was Brad and I's second time to visit the city together, and it's so fun to share my old home with that guy I now call my husband. We ate at my favorite restaurants, walked through my favorite parts of town, and visited with some of my favorite friends. I loved every nanosecond of it, beside the ones where we had to fight our way through the ripping winds and stumbling crowds. I've had some pretty interesting and non-average Christmas Days' in my past, but this one rivals all the others for title of "The Best". 

After a Christmas Day service and Magnolia cupcakes, we celebrated Christmas dinner at Gemma of The Bowery Hotel with family, close friends, good wine, great food…and a ditzy waiter who graciously overcorrected for his poor service by giving us a few items on the house. After dinner, the "kids" went next door to the bar at The Bowery Hotel--a contender for one of my most-loved hotel bars--for some after dinner digestifs. Needless to say, our Christmas Day was not as conventional or traditional as others, but it was a memory I will cherish for quite some time.