Monday, December 23, 2013

fall birthday

vest: vintage, top: banana republic, jeans: j brand

We celebrated Jordan's birthday
with Scalini's pizza and s'mores.
Scalini's is one of our favorite pizza places in Lakewood,
and we will normally order it when we are at Times Ten Cellar.
They have this pesto chicken pizza that is to-die-for-amahzing.
Be still my tastebuds.

Brad got the camera out to, of course, take some pictures of us
with the birthday girl, 
and of the blazing marshmallows. 

Besides being excited to celebrate Jordan,
gorge on pizza, and make s'more joy,
I was thrilled for a reason to wear my faux fur vest
for the first time this fall.
I normally pair it with neutral colors only, but
played with a brightly colored print this time
and really enjoyed it. 
We are going to New York for Christmas, 
and I've already planned to wear my furry layer with
some brightly colored (but weather appropriate) dresses.

Wednesday, December 18, 2013

quick trip to austin

top: calypso st. barths, skirt: forever 21, sunglasses: D&G

Brad and I have, slowly but surely, been decorating our new place to fit both of our styles.
I am picky and, admittedly, have weird taste--but Brad is even pickier, and feels the need to have a say in everything. After talking to my girlfriends, I found that is very unusual. Lucky marry a man that is more worried about how the decor will look in our place than I am. Although we've had some mild turf wars, we've managed well enough to compromise and have ended up with a home that is coming together quite nicely, and that fits both of our styles.

Earlier in the fall we took a quick trip to Austin to pick up a table and chairs
that, at one time, belonged to Brad's grandfather, "Papa". It was very generous of Brad's family to let us use them for our home, although I must admit, that when Brad showed me pictures, I was not easily sold on the idea. This style of chairs and table were originally created by a designer, Saarinen,
and are the tulip chairs. They are very modern and still had the original orange leather cushions.
Hot orange in my home? No. Absolutely not. But, after googling and digging a bit more, I found some beautiful pictures of the tulip table and chairs in more quaint settings, and decided I loved the contrast.

Thus, I "compromised", and we drove to Austin to round our little duck chairs up.
We are still working on repainting them a brighter white, and I had gray cushion covers made. I cannot wait to see the finished product and to complete our dining area.

While in Austin, we decided to sneak in a quick brunch before picking up the table and chairs.
One of my Austin-ite and foodie classmates suggested South Congress Cafe for brunch, namely for their carrot cake french toast. Of course, that was what I ordered, and now I dream of turning
every sweet bread into french toast!  I have yet to make my dreams a reality, but will definitely plan to do so while I'm on my break.

Even though I've been to Austin for years, I have never taken a picture in front of the "I Love You" wall. Yes, I realize it's cheesy-to-the-max and so over-photographed, but it was fun to grab a quick shot with my honey bear so soon before our wedding.

Oh, and might I add, Brad's favorite part of the weekend was wearing his jorts. He is not encouraged to do so in Dallas, but let's keep Austin weird, right?

Tuesday, December 17, 2013

the truck yard

top: rugby (was once a dress, altered it to be a shirt), skirt: scoop nyc, shoes: belle by sigerson morrison

This night we met up with two of our good friends
to try out a new restaurant/bar area named the Truck Yard. 

It's off of lower Greenville and, as you can see from pictures,
is filled with "junk"to inspire the feel of a true truck/junk yard.
Several food trucks were parked there, and oddly enough,
we enjoyed the cajun food truck the best. 

When I was house-sitting for my parents earlier this summer
I borrowed some clothes from my mother's closet.
Including an old Polo sweater vest. I paired it with a short, flowy skirt, 
and loved the way the two fit together. 
It's inspired me to wear more combinations just like it, 
which is why I paired this outfit together.

And chunky, caramel sandals/clogs/wedges? The perfect addition.

I'm really interested to document my outfits more and more
because now that Brad and I are married,  I have an almost nonexistent shopping budget.
Obviously, it will be difficult, and sad at times (and it's sad, that it's sad...I recognize this)
but I am excited to use what I have 
and be more inventive with my "old" clothing.

Saturday, December 14, 2013


Brad and I just returned from our honeymoon last week and are feeling more settled into our lives in Dallas. I wanted to post some pictures of us with our friends over the last few months because these people are the reason Dallas has become a home to me and Brad, again. What would we ever do with out them, and how would life ever be as fun? I am sending out extra-large "thank you" vibes to all of our loved ones, and hoping they know how much they mean to us.