Tuesday, March 31, 2015

blazer and booties


top: anthropologie, blazer: anine bing, jeans: j brand, shoes: rag and bone, purse: balenciaga, sunglasses: celine

I purchased this shirt on sale from Anthropologie a few months ago for two reasons: 1. the bulky top and cowlneck and 2. the weird texture. I just wanted something a little different for a simple, white "undershirt"--and this shirt totally provides that.

I'm not sure yet if I'll wear it by itself because I bought it as more of a layering piece, but time shall only tell and who knows what skirt or pair of shorts will be the perfect counterpart. 

And again with this beautiful, red, beat up Balenciaga! 


Sunday, March 29, 2015

spanish moss

blouse: rebecca taylor, jeans: rag and bone, loafers: ferragamo, bag: balenciaga, sunglasses: karen walker, earrings: anthropologie, lipgloss: dior

I love my poor, beat up Balenciaga bag for many reasons--but mainly it's color. I don't wear a lot of red, which maybe I need to change, but I love the red of this bag because it can brighten any outfit that I'm wearing. It can make something look more chic if I'm wearing blacks/grays/neutrals...or it can make my outfit more playful/boho if I'm wearing brighter colors or bold patterns. Plus this bag is the bomb for traveling with. 

This bag is also entertaining for my family because EVERY time I carry it around my Dad, he asks me if he can have a rolo. Haha, very funny Dad.

I am currently BEGGING my husband for another Balenciaga acquisition, so we'll see if that happens anytime soon. 

P.S. How gorgeous is the spanish moss, and, just Jekyll Island? If you are ever close to Jekyll Island, I encourage you to make a quick detour and wander around the Jekyll Island Club Hotel for just a bit. You won't be disappointed.

Monday, March 23, 2015

jekyll island wedding

dress: shoshanna, shoes: chanel, purse: chanel, coat: kate spade, earrings: anthropologie

Tuesday, March 17, 2015

driftwood beach

top: urban outfitters 'vintage', jeans: j brand, booties: DVF, sunglasses: karen walker

My cousin was married on Jekyll Island this past December, so naturally we attended. I'd been to Jekyll Island as a teenager for a tennis tournament and remembered loving it. But mainly because when I was a little girl in church, I would check out books by Eugenia Price from the church library. I guess the genre of books she writes would be classified as historical fiction, but she writes several series about Southern cities and people that used to live there long, long ago. Off the top of my head, she has series  about Charleston, Savannah, St. Simon's Island, Jekyll Island…I'm sure a few others? BUT one of the very neatest things is that she creates a "fictional" story about people who actually lived in the cities and so what that means is that you can find their tombstones in local cemeteries. And is there anything actually neater than reading multiple books about a character and finding their gravestone in a charming, old graveyard…? Uh, no.

We stopped by Driftwood Beach to capitalize on a rather nice photo opportunity, and my brother and dad were also given a rather nice opportunity at the same time--the opportunity to make fun of me while taking the above photos. So an all around good time was had by all!


forest green

sweater: gap, skirt: j. crew outlet, shoes: DVF, purse: chloe, sunglasses: karen walker, necklace: anthropologie

During the bitter Dallas cold front we had, I become obsessed with sweaters. Because "duh", when people are cold they want to wear warm things! I looked for a long time (in my opinion), but honestly I kept coming back to Gap for the classic cut, relatively non-itchy feel, color selection and pri$e. I bought this sweater in gray and cream and maybe another color, and feel like they were all I wore for a few weeks. BECAUSE I WAS FREEZING. 

I wore this outfit to a friend's engagement party and was pretty pleased with my ability to wear this sweater in a casually dressed up feel. I picked up these DVF booties during my recent trip to New York, and I love them because they can switch to either casual or fancy depending on what else I'm wearing. I used them in this outfit to dress it up a bit more and think it went well. 

And I love the pop of forest green!