Saturday, September 27, 2014

purple layers

dress: ali ro, shoes: robert clergerie, necklace: anthropologie

Wednesday, September 24, 2014

little black skirt

top: vintage, skirt: james perse, shoes: zara, necklace: h&m

a splash of yellow

dress: erin by erin fetherston (found here), shoes: zara, jacket: anthropologie, necklace: h&m

I wore this dress for date night with my husband, and used the shoes and splashy, yellow short-sleeved blazer to keep the outfit from feeling too dressy. I am in love with the flounces, which slightly resemble tentacles and remind me of a sweet and delicate version of Ursula, the wicked sea witch. 

I recently picked up this H&M necklace and really appreciate the extra "edge" it adds to an outfit. Plus it was, like, $10. You can't really beat that!

Monday, September 22, 2014

Wednesday, September 17, 2014

blueberry tie-dye

blouse: michael kors, shorts: jbrand, sandals: prada, sunglasses: celine

While in Nevis, my mother and I spent a lovely afternoon wandering around the hotel, Golden Rock. I will post pictures of the grounds in a later entry, but let me just tell you that it so beautiful, it was surreal. I'm sure you can see hints of heaven-like grounds in the above pictures, but I also think you need to see Golden Rock-only pictures, or perhaps visit there, to understand how magical this place is.

I wore a breezy, tie-dyed-esque Michael Kors top with my trusty JBRAND white jorts to keep cool for our afternoon adventure. I love the vibrant blueberry colors of the blouse and how crisp it looks against a white article of clothing. I also like this top paired with black--the bright colors pop and seem to come alive and instantly demand a fun and easy-going atmosphere in which to be worn, which I'm more than okay with. 

Tuesday, September 16, 2014


I spent a few weeks in Nevis earlier this summer, and it was an incredibly unforgettable experience. I was a Nevis newbie, and not quite sure what to expect, but I was blown away with the island for numerous reasons. Their motto or slogan is "Nevis, Naturally…", which pretty much says it all. The island's topography and foliage is stunning---rolling mini-hills, skyscraper palm trees, bright coral flowers, and at the center of the island, the Nevis Peak, which is a semi/perhaps active volcano. Plus, there are beaches. Win win!

Apparently Columbus passed by Nevis and thought the fog around the volcanic peak was snow, so he called it "Our Lady of the Snows"or "Nuestra SeƱora de las Nieves". And to Columbus' credit, the foggy volcano really does resemble a snow-capped mountain. My mother and I had such a memorable time exploring the island and discovering all it had to offer. We wandered downtown, went to the Alexander Hamilton museum, shopped for produce at the local market, read OK magazines at a British expat cafe, and so on. The people there were so kind, both expats and locals, and they had this extreme pride for their island, which was beautiful to see. 

There are several gorgeous boutique hotels on the island, like The Hermitage, Montpelier, Nisbet Plantation, Golden Rock, etc. Montpelier and Golden Rock still feature the traditional sugar mills on their property, which seems like such a sincere homage to their Nevisian roots, and I think it's beautiful for present day tourists and locals to experience. Several pictures above are of the Montpelier pool and the view around the pool area. Following church (at a local church with breathtaking views) we ate Sunday lunch (twice) at the Hermitage because it was that good. Most notable was the pumpkin soup with hints of curry followed by a mango chicken pasta. Sigh.

This trip fell right before I officially graduated from my masters program, and it was such a refreshing and much needed break from reality. I cannot wait to go back with Brad and show him this beautiful treasure of an island. Nevis, Naturally...

Sunday, September 14, 2014

tuesday night nevis

blouse: anthropologie, shorts: joes jeans, sandals: michael by michael kors

While in Nevis, I wore this casual outfit to listen to the Tuesday night jam-band at the bar across the street from the villa. The bar is in a tiny beach front hotel on Oualie Bay Beach, and it attracts a very nice mix of locals and vacationers, which certainly made people watching and conversation/chit-chat very interesting. 

They generally have live music every Tuesday night, and the band first plays Nevisian music for an hour or so (think oldies but with an island accent), and then another group follows them with more oldies, but this time with a British accent. It really was a charming place to spend our evenings, PLUS they serve a $2 Carib Light in an ice-cold mug, which you really can't beat on a hot summer's night with live music as your soundtrack.

Friday, September 12, 2014

tropical blue

blouse: sweet pea, jeans: joes jeans, shoes: michael by michael kors

This flouncy, layered top is so flattering with the one-shoulder cut and the drape of the layers. I feel beachy-chic when I wear it, and it's perfect for pairing with casual white jeans or a sexy black skirt if you wanna dress things up, you know what I mean? Although I don't wear this top that often in Dallas, I love seeing it in my closet because it reminds me of tropical skittles, my absolute favorite skittles flavor profile and top contender for my #1 most favorite candy. 

I also think I need to give a little shout out to my sandals that have been with me since college. Almost 7 years of sandal-human bliss spent together, and they still look good with almost everything I wear. Now that is true love. 

Thursday, September 11, 2014

simple beach dress

dress: laundry by shelli segal, sandals: prada

Earlier this summer, I spent a few weeks in Nevis with my mother. We stayed in a gorgeous house that had stunning views of the ocean and the sky and the palm trees, and it was utterly breathtaking. Since Nevis is HOT and HUMID, I packed very beachy and breezy items that I wouldn't normally wear in Dallas, and it was fun to be a little different and tropical.

I really like how sweet this dress is with the delicate woven pattern just under the bust, the understated knee-length mermaid hem-line, and the texture and color of the fabric. What appeals to me most about this dress is that it seems like it should be a short, flouncy sundress, but it has this sophisticated shape and hemline instead. 

Stay tuned for more Nevis posts in the near future. The island is unlike anywhere else I've ever been, and hopefully some of my pictures might do it at least an ounce of justice.